What do your skin and your mailbox have in common? You’ll be surprised to know. I know I was! Recently, we moved to a new fulfillment center in the center of the country, making it easier to get the Tru Energy All-Natural FaceLift products to all corners of the country.

What I found really interesting was that they asked me for the Materials Safety Data Sheets for each of the Tru Energy creams and serums. They had to provide it to their local postal service.

When we inquired why they needed that information, the postmaster said there are some skincare products that technically should not be shipped by the USPS, because they contain ingredients that the USPS considers dangerous for transport.

Isn’t that unreal? And to think that some people are receiving skincare products that the postal service deems as “hazardous!”

What are we putting on our skin?!

Well, I was glad to provide the information, and, of course, we got the green light to fulfill our all-natural products to you.

You might be curious what IS in our products. We’re proud to list each and every ingredient on our store pages. We also explain why we included some of the most important ingredients in each bottle, so you know exactly how it is going to benefit you.

Ultimately it’s because we know that this is about more than simply looking good. It’s about you. All of you. From the inside out. That’s why we chose the best and most natural ingredients…for you.

Remember…your natural beauty is ready to be released!

All the best,

Cathy Goldstein, A.P.