Good news — summer is just around the corner! While you are daydreaming about warm mornings and beach vacations, your skin doesn’t quite share this enthusiasm. The summer sun’s rays can wreak havoc on your skin, boosting the development of dark spots, wrinkles, dry skin, and other signs of aging.

To help keep your skin looking enviably clear and glowing all summer long, we would like to share with you some simple summer skincare tips. As makers of safe, painless, and ultra-effective skin care treatments, we take great pride in helping people of all skin types retain their youthful glow.

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Use Natural Sunscreen

If you think that you are too cool for sunscreen, think again. If you are going to be out in the high UV index time of day applying sunscreen is perhaps the most important skincare step to protect your skin during the summer. If you are spending the day at the beach or outside, don’t go lightly on the sunscreen.  When using natural sunscreen apply generously and reapply every few hours.  The best option yet, wear UV protection clothing and a large-brimmed hat. Plan your fun in the sun for earlier or later in the day when the sun is less likely to cause damage. Don’t forget — prevention is much better than cure. Protect your skin from the sun


Although you should always strive to meet your daily quota of water, this is especially important in the summer. The hotter the temperatures are outside, the more likely you are to experience internal dehydration, which is often accompanied by headaches and dizziness. Staying hydrated not only makes you feel better, but it also helps keep your skin hydrated, making it appear more plump and smooth.


Exfoliating your skin is an essential part of skincare. When you exfoliate, you remove all of your dead skin, which prevents congestion and enhances the penetration of any skin-tightening creams, face moisturizers, and other facial creams. After exfoliating, remember to follow up your exfoliation with hydrating lotions and creams, and be sure to use an SPF to shield freshly exfoliated skin.

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While your skin may not have that dry, flaky look like in the winter, the extreme heat of the summer dehydrates your skin, making your skin more prone to damage, dullness, and signs of aging. To combat this loss, it is important to have a daily face moisturizing lotion. This will act as a barrier, protecting you from the sun and other external pollutants.

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Fight Photoaging

Whether you have burned your skin or not, being out in the sun causes photoaging like brown spots, coarse skin, and wrinkles. So while tan may be the perfect summer look for you, it might not be the best thing for your skin. To combat these photoaging effects, consider bombarding your skin with age-fighting creams, cleansers, and serums that will help undo the damage and prevent further damage.

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