What’s Most Important?

Keeping cells nourished, protected and energized. Because the healthier your cells, the less quickly you age, period.

Toxic Stress Shortens the Life of Our Cells

Day after day and month after month, the cells of our bodies are replacing themselves. Our cells are dying – and therefore, constantly aging — because we’re not feeding them properly. A research study found that if a cell is given the right nutrients, cells can outlive the human body.

But what if our cells were getting all their nutritional needs met, at all times? What then? How long would those cells survive? More specifically, how long would the healthy, youthful cells of our skin stay young?

“The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates.
Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cell what it requires for nutrition,
and as far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever.”
– Dr. Alexis Carroll, Nobel Prize Winner

But what does feeding them right mean? It boils down to two major factors: our behavior, and our environment.

What to Avoid

First and foremost, we are drowning in toxic chemicals. We’re poisoning our environment and ourselves.

  • Foods with Additives & Preservatives – These have no place in the human body.
  • Environmental Toxins – They go right to the cells in our body.
  • Undue Stress – The biggest culprit of toxins in our cells

Easy changes that really make a big difference

Dehydration shows up as dull sagging skin. Toxic chemicals on your body wreck our cells, this wreckage shows up right on our faces. Here is what is important and can make a fundamental change on a cellular level. This has the biggest impact on how your skin will look especially in the future.

  • Plenty of good clean water – Rule of thumb: 1 quart per every 50 pounds
  • Eat Organic When Possible – Veggies and fruit such as berries are especially important
  • Exercise – Decreases stress hormones and increases oxygen to cells. A 20 min. walk or 10 min. on a mini trampoline daily can be huge for detoxing your cells
  • Use Products Free of Chemicals – Avoiding these can benefit your health and skin. Substitute natural cleaners for your house and especially on your body. A good skincare will add hydration and nutrients as well as hold moisture in the cell. Ingredients such as aloe vera and other botanicals acts to feed your cells, hydrating and plumping naturally for lasting results.

We know what we do today affects us in our future. We know that if we brush our teeth that we can save our teeth well into the later years of our life. We know we can not grow plants in dirt. To have a flourishing garden, we have to give the soil moisture and nutrients that feed the plants to give the fruit its beautiful color and taste. So it would only make sense that we also need to feed our body the nutrients that give life to our cells. Protect our skin from chemicals and dehydration. Recover your beautiful skin and preserve it for a healthy, dewy, hydrated and beautiful glow.