Surgery can be tough. Depending on what type of surgery you have, recovery time can be weeks or even months. There may be adverse side effects, and pain medication is usually required at the onset. If there are alternatives to surgery that will give you the same or similar results, most people opt for those.

This same logic applies to procedures that reverse the signs of aging. Facelifts are recovery-intensive and can leave scarring. Even minimally invasive procedures can have side effects. Tru Energy has developed an all natural skin care system that when done on a regular basis, can achieve very similar results to other, more invasive skin care procedures. Below, Tru Energy will explain how our system works.


There are only two things necessary for our skin care system: our facial toning device and our skin care products. Let’s examine these in a little more detail.

  1. Energy-optimizing wands. These facial toning devices come in two options: Sonic Energy-Optimizing Wand and the Standard Energy-Optimizing Wand. Both work the same way. These wands use magnetic frequencies that activate ingredients in our proprietary skin care products to enhance the anti-aging cream and help reverse the signs of aging. The super charge from these devices penetrates to the lower layers of your skin, affecting the collagen and elastin in those layers that give your skin its suppleness and plumpness.
  2. Skin care products. All of Tru Energy’s skin care products are proprietary, developed specifically to work in conjunction with our energy-optimizing wands in order to improve the signs of aging. Tiny beads placed into all of our anti-aging skin care products, when stimulated by the energy-optimizing wand, will prompt the all natural, botanical ingredients in the skin creams. We offer a whole line of skin care products specifically designed to meet all the needs of your skin. We offer Gently Clarifying Facial Cleanser to help rid your skin of toxins, dirt, and grime and replenish vital moisture content. We also offer our Deeply Purifying Facial Scrub to penetrate your skin’s pores and get rid of dry, damaged, and dead skin cells. Tru Energy’s Protective Therapeutic Daytime Treatment offers excellent protection from the harmful rays of the sun, while infusing your skin with antioxidants to fend off free radicals. It’s counterpart is our Restorative Nourishing Overnight Treatment designed to rehydrate your skin while you sleep and help leave your skin fresh and youthful looking in the morning when you wake. Finally, our Intensely Anti-Aging Facial Serum is packed full of powerful anti-aging skin ingredients to both replenish the skin and repair it at its deepest layers to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Tru Energy’s all natural facelift system will help you look younger and your skin will feel softer. Results can appear in just a few days. Our Energy Optimizing Wands deliver healing energy frequencies directly to your skin cells and underlying tissues. Furthermore, it will help to stimulate the lymphatic system to help you body rid itself of harmful toxins. If you’re looking for an at home facelift, non-invasive alternative to surgical facelifts, try Tru Energy’s anti-aging skin care system today!