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Our Story (2019)

Hello, and welcome to Tru Energy!

Please let me share a statement that I believe with all my heart...

"Your natural beauty is ready to be released!"

In fact, this belief is why I created Tru Energy’s All-Natural FaceLift System. When you head out into the world each day, I want you to look great, feel great, and enjoy the confidence you deserve!

As an active Acupuncture Physician, I have been practicing functional and energy medicine for over twenty-five years. My passion is helping people reach their health and wellness goals through education and self-empowerment. Many of my patients have used the Tru Energy system with astounding results. Nothing gives me more satisfaction, both professionally and personally, than hearing success stories of people who have reclaimed their lives and have regained their self-confidence.

Tru Energy was meticulously designed to unlock the body’s own anti-aging potential through genuine wellness-one you will be able to literally see on your face! Simply follow the instructions in this booklet to experience the same great results that many of my patients have.

I am very excited to share Tru Energy with you! It is one of my proudest professional accomplishments and the culmination of my many years of thorough research and development. Tru Energy’s All-Natural FaceLift System has the power to reveal your true beauty, and I am confident it will enhance the way you look and feel for years to come.

Believe in your beauty!

Cathy L. Goldstein, A.P.
Creator of Tru Energy