While some of you could care less what an acupuncturist uses on her skin – why does that matter, right? I actually think this woman has a lot of insight on the subject.

Acupuncturists look at skin day in and day out. This means several things. They work hard to help people heal. They know what works! They have access to many skin types. They notice good skin – and bad skin. A person’s skin tells a story about their health, as well as their imbalances. In fact, your skin is a diagnostic tool that is essential to an acupuncturist’s treatment plan!

So I was not surprised to see natural oils in the Tru Energy All-Natural Facelift and Skincare System, developed by acupuncturist Cathy Goldstein.

Plant oils seem especially popular these days. Are you a plant-oil convert yet? Don’t worry! You will be!

Cathy’s own skin is very sensitive, so she wanted to make sure her Deeply Purifying Facial Scrub was gentle, yet effective, without scratching delicate facial skin.

She added perfectly round jojoba oil to her facial scrub. Jojoba comes from the seeds of the jojoba shrub, which is native to America’s desert region. This luxurious liquid, wax-like substance is made into the soft, tiny beads that gently and effectively exfoliate your skin.

One reason it’s so gentle is because these beads are very similar to your skin’s own natural oil. And unlike other exfoliating products, the jojoba beads in the Tru Energy scrub are perfectly round and smooth. These jojoba beads help remove the accumulation of dead skin cells without lacerating the face. That’s why they won’t scratch or irritate your skin, like ingredients found in other scrubs.

No wonder the end result is a scrub that leaves your skin feeling smooth, polished and silky – like healthy skin should feel!

Another ingredient you’ll love in the Tru Energy All-Natural Facelift System? Aloe! Aloe Leaf Extract is in the Clarifying Cleanser to help support your skin’s ability to hold in moisture and protect your face against outside pollutants and irritants.

But more on that another time…

Tru Energy should be your natural pick for natural beauty!

P.S. To keep your facial skin in tip-top condition, feed your skin essential nutrients. Think a vitamin-rich serum, a concentrated restorative cocktail, or a bio-mineral complex to tighten your skin, and take it to another level. This serum will become your go-to favorite!