What’s not to love about a facial? It gives you baby-soft skin that looks young and radiant. But what about a facial that detoxes your skin?

Meet the lymphatic drainage facial where the bliss-inducing circular motions of the Sonic Energy-Optimizing Wand from Tru Energy have benefits that go far beyond just an ordinary facial. It will positively motivate and create momentum for lymphatic drainage to help your body detox and renew.

Here’s how your lymphatic system works and how the Tru Energy Wand could be the pick-me-up treatment your facial skin – and body – needs.

Your lymphatic system is an important part of your immune system that eliminates toxins and waste from your body. If it becomes stagnant, then fluid builds up in the blood and cannot be moved out of your tissue into your lymph nodes to destroy the bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. If your lymphatic system isn’t in tip-top shape, it’ll show in your complexion. You can always tell when someone has lymphatic fatigue because they have darker circles and puffiness around the eyes, sometimes more fine lines, and duller skin.

Since a large number of lymph nodes are located under your chin, near your clavicle, and behind your ears, a facial that’s specialized in lymphatic drainage can help revitalize your skin (and immune health) on a deeper level than topical treatments can reach.

With the Tru Energy Optimizing Wand, you will be gently manipulating your lymphatic system in a positive way and evicting toxins from your body and skin. The wand is designed with a potent combination of energized magnets and minerals that help shift subtle energies in your body and other tissues that can affect the appearance of youth.

With the wand, you will be massaging your face and neck in strokes both downward and upward directions to lift and soften the skin according to a specific “face map,” which is provided. By doing this, you are helping your body to move out toxins that age our skin unnecessarily.

The Tru Energy Optimizing Wand is more intense than your standard facial because it stimulates certain lymph points…and still feels good (believe me). All of this touch opens up more space for circulation and improves your “face posture.”

You don’t need to go to the spa for a facial to look and feel amazing. Get the Tru Energy All Natural Facelift and Energizing Wand!