Maybe your busy with a full-time job that occupies most of your waking hours…or maybe your day-to-day routine is running unending errands for the family…perhaps you’re the kind that simply has too many spinning plates to manage…whatever your busy day looks like, making time to de-stress after dinner with a yoga class or walk around the neighbor just doesn’t happen.

That’s where the small things count – the everyday rituals – come in and can be life-saving. Incorporating Tru Energy skincare line into your routine and some simple tips can be the ultimate stress-killing combo.

So leave your concerns at the door and your smartphone out of sight, so you can seriously chill out. Here are some tips to restore balance and re-center after a long day.

  1. Aromatherapy can transform your stressful day into a relaxed one, help you unwind after work and simply make you feel happy. Lemon and lavender, for example, will calm the nervous system. When it comes to actually using the oils, I recommend you inhale them or diffuse them to enjoy the benefits of deep breathing and send your senses into relaxation mode.
  2. Another nightly pre-snooze ritual has a lot to do with how you breathe. Not getting enough oxygen is most likely messing with your health in a million unseen ways. The whole reason your heart is beating is to get oxygen through your body. To take a deep breath, your entire abdomen should expand outward like a cylindrical balloon being slowly filled with helium, and then deflate until every last drop of air is gone. On each exhalation, let go of worries or concerns from the day. With each inhalation, breathe in peace and contentment.
  3. Balance is so important not just to our daily lives but to our skin. The balancing Tru Energy skincare system gently cleanses skin and preps it for nourishment. You create an equilibrium for your skin so everything for your skin works better. The wand application doubles as a calming practice. When you follow the facial map to massage your skin, it kind of brings you to a calmer place.

Setting a constant wind-down routine cues your brain that it is time to ground and calm yourself.

I hope you have new insights on exactly how to handle the stress of Monday-to-Sunday challenges. The answer: lots of deep breaths and DIY spa time.


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