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Dr Cathy Goldstein, AP creator of Tru Energy Skincare

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If you know me, you know I never recommend a product until I have thoroughly vetted it! All of the items below are things I use in my own personal life. My goal is to create a super easy and informative list for you...with links for EASY shopping. Enjoy!

EMF Radiation Pendant

Interpersonal tension, trauma, EMFs, deficiencies and countless other stressors put your body into “fight or flight” (sympathetic nervous system dominance) and distort your biofield. The Harmoni Pendant helps create coherence—which can be measured in Heart Rate Variability—in your electrical energy field, shifting how your system perceives stress.

EMF Radiation Pendant

Collagen is essential in cellular rejuvenation and is a perfect anti-aging nutrient. How the collagen gets to the cell where it can be effective relies on the nutrients it is paired with as well as a delivery system that performs. This quality collagen, Complete Collagen+, has all that! Your skin will show the difference.