Some skincare trends are predictable: essential oil, serums, hyaluronic acid. While these are popular in facial products for a reason, there is one natural beauty tool that deserves your attention: the Energy-Optimizing Wand from Tru Energy. Tru Energy Energy-Optimizing Wand

What exactly is this skin-enhancing tool? This one-of-a-kind beauty wand is energized with magnets, minerals and frequencies that help shift subtle energies in the body. The basic theory is that the force of the positively charged particles influences the molecules in the body—simply by touching your skin.

The magnetic stimulation gets the skin’s tissue fluids flowing again. The wand is smooth and cool and allows you to give yourself a gentle facial massage that aims to increase blood flood, boost circulation and reduce inflammation and puffiness. Waste products are removed, edema and congestion is regulated.

Probably the most advanced tool in your skincare roundup, the Energy-Optimizing Wand is incredibly easy to use and painless. Designed to help your body move out toxins that age your skin unnecessarily, massage your face with the wand in downward and upward strokes to lift and soften your skin according to Tru Energy’s “face map.” You can also customize its use to combat your specific concerns: sagging jaw line, frown lines, crow’s feet or even loss of firmness.

To take your facial routine up a notch, the Energy Optimizing wand enhances the effectiveness of the Tru Energy’s anti-aging facial creams. This potent combination restores vitality to your skin by tightening pores, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, improving the elasticity of your skin and evening out your skin tone.

And as an acupressure device, the wand is great for easing tension, soothing your anxiety and giving you glowing, clear skin. It’s kind of like a spa treatment from the comfort of your own home.

There is only one Energy-Optimizing Wand available. It is a skincare tool that will improve the quality of your complexion with a simple touch to your skin. Pretty cool, huh?

Try it out for yourself and take your skin-care game to the next level.