The Best Alternative to Surgical Facelifts

Surgery can be tough. Depending on what type of surgery you have, recovery time can be weeks or even months. There may be adverse side effects, and pain medication is usually required at the onset. If there are alternatives to surgery that will give you the same or similar results, most people opt for those. […]

Avoid Invasive Procedures — Try the All-Natural Tru Energy FaceLift

As you age, fat becomes harder to lose, muscle harder to maintain, and skin becomes looser, making fine lines and wrinkles more prominent. This can naturally be a difficult transformation to accept, and to combat these signs of aging, many people will turn to plastic surgeries, facelifts, injections, and other painful and risky procedures. However, […]

PRESS RELEASE: New Skin Care System Helps Improve Appearance

Tru Energy Skincare full set

PRESS RELEASE: New Skin Care System Helps Improve Appearance JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Developed by an energy acupuncturist, the newly introduced Tru Energy All-Natural Facelift and Skincare System uses a scientifically-tested, breakthrough skin care technology that’s designed to gently, painlessly, and naturally lift sagging facial tissue, eliminate skin-aging toxins and stressors, speed […]

Pamper Your Loved One This Holiday Season with Simple Skin Care Products

The holidays are peppered with snowflakes, reindeer dust, and mistletoe. Shoppers hustle and bustle to find the perfect gift. Kids search every tree for the perfect Christmas tree. Christmas dinner is being planned while “White Christmas” plays in the background. Bags are packed to go see family and friends, and the shorter hours at night […]