Eating is hard. It’s hard because as we age, we can’t eat anything we want like we used to. Our metabolism has slowed down. Perhaps we are less active. And we just don’t need as much food since we are not growing to sustain us. With so many studies, nutrition plans, and experts on what to eat, food selection choices can be overwhelming. We know to eat healthy, but what exactly? And for what purpose?

Your skin is incredibly important as a defense against the hazards of our environment. From viruses to pollution, our skin is vitally important for survival. It’s critical to keep it healthy, and keeping it healthy will lead to beautiful, youthful skin. Tru Energy, the maker of the best at home facelift system, offers up tips for eating for your skin.


  • Fish. You may have heard of the overall benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for your health, from fighting depression to helping prevent heart disease. Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for your skin health. They help to keep skin thick, supple, and moist. They also fight inflammation that can cause redness in your skin and acne. Containing vitamin E, an important antioxidant, fish also are high in protein, which is the building blocks of your skin, and help to fend off free radicals, those unstable atoms that can damage cells.
  • Avocados. Another food source rich in healthy fats, avocados help support the skin since they contain compounds that may help protect your skin from UV damage from the sun’s rays. The sun is the biggest contributor to wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. High in vitamin E & vitamin C, which when consumed in conjunction, is more effective as an antioxidant.
  • Walnuts and sunflower seeds. Nuts and seeds are in general rich in the fatty acids and vitamins our skin thrives on. Both of these boost our skin’s ability to heal wounds, fight off bacteria, and fight inflammation.
  • Sweet potatoes. When you think of sweet potatoes, images of Thanksgiving probably come to mind. In fact, 3.1 billion pounds of sweet potatoes were produced in 2015. Instead of Pilgrims and turkeys cropping to mind when you think of Thanksgiving, you need to think instead of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Acting as a natural sunblock, vitamin A protects your skin from sun exposure and may even help prevent sunburn and other damage to skin cells as well as dry, wrinkled skin. Studies have also shown consuming beta-carotene in high amounts can lend an orange glow to your skin — another reason to eat more sweet potatoes!
  • Red or yellow bell peppers. If sweet potatoes aren’t your favorite food, try red or yellow bell peppers. High in vitamin A and beta-carotene as well, these yummy foods also support collagen production with its high vitamin C content. Collagen is the major protein in your skin responsible for its strength and pliability.
  • Broccoli. Everyone’s favorite, there’s a reason you make your kids eat broccoli. It has so many benefits for your body that it’s hard to list them all. In addition to zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, and cancer-fighting agents, broccoli contains lutein that is especially good for protecting your skin from oxidative damage. Broccoli also guards against the sun by strengthening the sun’s outer layer as well as neutralizing the effects of free radicals.
  • Tomatoes. If you have a severe aversion to broccoli, tomatoes may be up your alley. Containing very similar benefits for the skin as broccoli, tomatoes are also a great source of carotenoids, a compound that helps prevent wrinkling.Consider pairing carotenoid-rich foods like tomatoes with a source of fat, such as cheese or olive oil. Pair with a source of fat such as nuts and avocados listed above and the rate of carotenoids absorbed is increased.
    Soy. An overlooked skin fighter, soy contains isoflavones, a compound that influences estrogen in the body. Studies have shown consuming isoflavones may help reduce fine wrinkles and improve skin elasticity as well as improve skin dryness and increase collagen.
  • Dark chocolate. Finally, a sweet on our list. You’ve probably heard how dark chocolate is good for you. Specifically for the skin, the antioxidants in cocoa helps fight UV rays, moisturize the skin, minimize wrinkles, and increase skin thickness.
  • Green tea. A well-known antioxidant, the catechins in green tea protect against the sun, reduce redness, and improves moisture content and skin elasticity.
    Red wine. Red wine could inhibit free radicals from doing damage to your skin. However, because red wine is an alcohol, it is not recommended to consume in large quantities. It appears on this list because if you do drink alcohol, think about switching to red wine to possibly fight the signs of aging.


The above list of foods all come to the same conclusion: what you eat matters. If you’ll notice, all of the foods above are unprocessed and in their raw states. It’s when food becomes processed and added with a bunch of fillers that don’t have any health benefits that we suffer. Sticking to an all-natural diet full of plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and protein will yield the greatest health benefits and the best looking, most youthful skin.

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