The Cream Revolution: Why Cream-Based Skincare Reigns Supreme

Introduction: Dispelling the Myth of Oil Superiority: Despite popular belief, oils are not necessarily the answer to achieving deep hydration and repair in aging skin. The molecular structure of many oils can hinder their ability to penetrate beyond the surface layers of the skin, leading to limited effectiveness in addressing the underlying causes of aging. […]

The Different Types of Facelifts

In a day and age where looks are important and the fight against the signs of aging omnipresent, different types of facelifts have emerged to suit different needs, budgets, and tastes. The quest to turn back the clock is one undertaken by many, and the choices can be overwhelming. From the invasive, such as a […]

Top 4 Things We Can Do to Reverse the Signs of Aging

Aging, despite what you might hear on TV or read in the news, is not reversible. Our bodies deteriorate as we age, and we can’t stop that process. However, what we can do is slow the process down and somewhat control environmental factors that cause our skin to age. Furthermore, with enhanced technology, we are […]

Healthy Skin Tips 101 – How Not to Waste Your Money

Healthy Skincare Tips 101: Tru Energy

  Exfoliating is the key to smooth, youthful skin. Here is how it works. Dead skin cells and sebum, (oils from the pores) build up on the surface of the skin. The cells have bonds that are hard to break, and the oil is sticky and clogs pores. If they don’t release from the surface, […]

Instructional Videos & FAQs

Tru Energy How To Videos

Welcome, and thank you again for purchasing Tru Energy! We’ve created this page to help you better understand how to use the Tru Energy All-Natural FaceLift System so YOU can get great results. Below, there are 3 videos to choose from: Video #1: This is a detailed video explains the steps of the Tru Energy […]

The Anti-Aging Secret

Tru Energy: The Anti-Aging Secret

  What’s Most Important? Keeping cells nourished, protected and energized. Because the healthier your cells, the less quickly you age, period. Toxic Stress Shortens the Life of Our Cells Day after day and month after month, the cells of our bodies are replacing themselves. Our cells are dying – and therefore, constantly aging — because […]

The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Minimalists

Tru Energy: Skincare Routine for Minimalists

Ah…the simple life. An organized closet. An uncluttered home. The perfect jean and shirt pairing. You know…everything in its place. But your skincare routine? It’s easy to put layer upon layer of beauty products on your face every day. And trying more serums or creams to find just the right touch is hard to say […]

Tru Energy Serum is Your Dull Skin Remedy

Tru Energy Serum is Your Dull Skin Remedy

Are you a 30- or 40-something quickly approaching another birthday and looking for a skin-replenishing serum that isn’t too harsh? I was in my mid-40s when I decided I needed to do something drastic for my skin. I had many failed attempts and was still seeing wrinkles like my mother’s in the mirror, so I […]

This is the Right Way to Exfoliate

We all know exfoliating your face is a crucial step of your skincare routine. Your complexion begins to look fresh and vibrant after sloughing away dead skin cells. With a clean palette, your skin is ready to absorb nutrient-rich serums and moisturizers instead of just layering more products. But if your skin feels burned after […]

10 Natural Face Care Tips

We all want to look younger. We don’t necessarily want to return to your youthful days, ruled by unbridled passions and whims, but most of us wouldn’t mind harnessing some of our past looks. We here at Tru Energy believe surgical facelifts, botox, laser-skin resurfacing, and other related procedures that alter the skin are not […]