This is the Right Way to Exfoliate

We all know exfoliating your face is a crucial step of your skincare routine. Your complexion begins to look fresh and vibrant after sloughing away dead skin cells. With a clean palette, your skin is ready to absorb nutrient-rich serums and moisturizers instead of just layering more products. But if your skin feels burned after […]

Tap Into This Ritual For An Instant Relaxation Boost

Tap into this Ritual For An Instant Relaxation Boost

Maybe your busy with a full-time job that occupies most of your waking hours…or maybe your day-to-day routine is running unending errands for the family…perhaps you’re the kind that simply has too many spinning plates to manage…whatever your busy day looks like, making time to de-stress after dinner with a yoga class or walk around […]

The Weirdest Best Skincare Tool I’ve Ever Tried

Tru Energy: The Weirdest and Best Skincare Tool Ive Ever Tried

Some skincare trends are predictable: essential oil, serums, hyaluronic acid. While these are popular in facial products for a reason, there is one natural beauty tool that deserves your attention: the Energy-Optimizing Wand from Tru Energy. What exactly is this skin-enhancing tool? This one-of-a-kind beauty wand is energized with magnets, minerals and frequencies that help […]

The High-Vibe Way to Deal with Puffy Eyes

Tru Energy: The High-Vibe Way to Deal with Puffy Eyes

You know those skin-care and beauty products that you use until the very last drop? The ones that you’ve spent entire brunches/text threads/email chains, telling your friends about? They’re the best of the best…so amazing that you’d never risk putting them in a piece of checked luggage. At Tru Energy there is a beauty product […]

5 Signs Your Skin Is Stressed Out and How to Deal With It

When you are stressed, your body goes through a fight-or-flight response and releases hormones into the bloodstream, which creates different reactions in your skin. Unfortunately, most of us only pay attention to our health when we are sick. Yet the constant pressure is what leads your body to break down. Your skin may be out […]

Why You’ll Love a Lymphatic Drainage Facial From Tru Energy

What’s not to love about a facial? It gives you baby-soft skin that looks young and radiant. But what about a facial that detoxes your skin? Meet the lymphatic drainage facial where the bliss-inducing circular motions of the Sonic Energy-Optimizing Wand from Tru Energy have benefits that go far beyond just an ordinary facial. It […]

Plant Oils and Other Physician Approved Skincare Secrets

While some of you could care less what an acupuncturist uses on her skin – why does that matter, right? I actually think this woman has a lot of insight on the subject. Acupuncturists look at skin day in and day out. This means several things. They work hard to help people heal. They know […]

How to Pick a Skin Cream: Ingredients You Need to Know!

You’re in the market for a new skin cream. You walk into a store. You find the personal care section. You spy the skin care products and more specifically the face moisturizing lotions, daily facial cleansers, and skin creams. You take a deep breath and think: This could take a while. With so many skin […]

Get Glowing Skin with Aloe

Aloe vera is a beloved ingredient in the wellness world. It is bottled for its healing and hydrating benefits. Drink up if you dare! In beauty products, it is endorsed as an uber-soothing force. Aloe vera speeds up your skin’s ability to heal and it is a great moisturizer. Aloe also fights inflammation and is […]

10 Natural Face Care Tips

We all want to look younger. We don’t necessarily want to return to your youthful days, ruled by unbridled passions and whims, but most of us wouldn’t mind harnessing some of our past looks. We here at Tru Energy believe surgical facelifts, botox, laser-skin resurfacing, and other related procedures that alter the skin are not […]